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Drink to Your Health

Enjoy a better tasting coffee without the acids, the chemicals, or the nonsense.

Best ph

Best scoring coffees in the industry since 2004.


A great tasting cup of coffee without any of the negatives.


USDA Certified Organic, Non GMO, and Chemical Free.


Certified Low Acid by an Independent Laboratory.

Low Acid Coffee Is For Everyone

So you don't have Acid Reflux, IBS, or GERD. Now is a great time to start making choices to avoid potential future issues. You won't miss the acidity.

Rich & Full Bodied

We slow roast because of the rich and full bodied flavor. The industry leading low acidity is icing on the cake.

No bitterness

It's slow roasted, which means it does not have all the acids, or the typical bitter taste associated with acidic coffees.

Sweet and Smooth

Enjoy a coffee that is sweet and smooth on your palette and easy on your stomach!

No Fruity Flavors

Fruit is for smoothies not coffee. Enjoy a cup of coffee that tastes like coffee. The way it's suppose to be!

The Science and Customers Agree!

Mavericks is The Final Word on Low Acid Coffee.

What Acids are in Coffee?

Coffee is full of acidic compounds that you should know about. You will be shocked to learn just how many.

How Does Slow Roasting Remove the Acid?

Slow roasting is the most effective way to remove acid from the coffee naturally, and it tastes great. Learn how we do it.

Using pH to Evaluate a Coffee!

Not sure if a coffee will work for you? How do you know if a coffee is truly low acid? The pH score is a great place to start. Check it out!

Take Control & Get Informed

Learn all you ever wanted to know about coffee, acid, and caffeine. We shoot straight and aim to please.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Low Acid Coffee

Here Are Some Common Questions We Are Often Asked

Why is pH Important? Why is pH Important?

Anybody can claim their coffee is low acid. However, pH is a objective means to measure any coffee to ascertain it's level of acidity. This makes it easy to compare other coffees. The higher the pH the less the acid.

What Is The Recommend pH?

Most low acid coffees only modestly reduce acidity. A good rule of thumb is to only drink low acid coffees with a pH score of 5.5 or great. That will ensure the coffee has atleast 70% less acid. The higher the pH score the better.

Are Mavericks Coffees Organic?

Yes, all Mavericks Coffees are certified low acid by independent organic certifier, CCOF. Our coffees are also Non-GMO.

How Much Caffeine In Mavericks Decafs?

Mavericks decafs are naturally water processed with a residual caffeine content of .004

How Do You Make Low Acid Coffee?

The short answer is time and temperature. We make truly low acid coffee by slow roasting the coffees for a much longer duration for a much longer time-frame. It removes the acids that causes problems for people and eliminates the bitterness.

Up to 90% Less Acid the National Brands

Best scoring pH in the industry

Slow roasting low acid coffees since 2004