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Sumatra (Bold Roast)

Low Acid: Yes. Up to 70% lower acid than national brands.
Ingredients: Organic coffee beans

See our organic ingredients and analytical page for verification.

Description: A classic Indonesian coffee. The Mandheling is the Sumatra's most distinguished varietal. The extra large bean is full of robust, rich, and dark flavor. This bean is dripping with natural coffee oils and is a real treat to enjoy.

 Also available in our Bold 3 Pack!

Cupping Notes: Dark overtones, smooth on the palate, with a rich flavor. The benchmark for Indonesian coffees. Full bodied aroma.


  • Country: Indonesia
  • Grade 1: SHB
  • Region: Sumatra
  • Mark: Mandheling
  • Processing: Natural Process (Inherently lower in acidity)
  • Appearance: 17-19 Screen