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Mexico Chiapas Coffee - A Distinctive Cup

  • Low Acid: Yes. Up to 80% lower acid than national brands.
  • Ingredients: Organic coffee beans
  • Degree of Roast: Medium

Experience the essence of the central American coffee tradition with our Mexico Chiapas. Sourced from the esteemed coffee-growing region of Soconusco in Chiapas, this high-grown Arabica offering brings the best of Mexican coffee right to your cup.

Key Features:

  • Pleasant Medium Body: Well crafted with Mavericks slow roasting process, Mexico Chiapas boasts a medium body that supports a delightful balance of flavors.
  • Sweet with Chocolate Notes and Nutty Finish: Delight in the balance of sweetness and rich chocolate undertones and a nutty finish with every sip of this outstanding coffee.
  • Distinct and Flavorful: Enjoy the distinct and lively taste that makes this coffee a gem of Central America.
  • Quality Grade: Enjoy the quality of Grade 1 SHB (Strictly High Grown) and EP (European Preparation) Arabica beans, ensuring each batch meets specialty grade coffee standards.
  • Grown at High Altitude: Cultivated at the altitude of 3,600 feet, these beans are infused with the unique characteristics of the Chiapas region.
  • Limited Offering: With its limited availability, our Mexico Chiapas is a great find for coffee lovers seeking a unique and highly drinkable coffee.

A great choice for anyone looking to indulge in a distinctive coffee. You do not have to be an aficionado to enjoy the Mexico Chiapas. This is a limited selection so do not miss out. When it's gone, it's truly gone.


  • Country: Mexico
  • Grade 1: SHB (Strictly High Grown) EP (European Preparation)
  • Region: Soconusco, Chiapas
  • Altitude: 3,600 feet
  • Variety: Bourbon, Catura
  • Processing: Wet Process (Washed)
  • Appearance: Various