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Low Acid Flavored Coffee

Low Acid Flavored Coffee

Oct 31, 2021


Ryan Beckley

Low Acid Flavored Coffee

Can flavored coffee be low in acid? Yes, flavored coffee can be low in acid if it is slow roasted.

Flavor by itself will not impact the acidity levels of your coffee beans. Coffee beans are inherently acidic. Coffee beans have around 12  different chemical arrangements of Chlorogenic acid and each can have an impact on the acidity level in coffee.  When we discuss low acid coffee, we are really talking about Chlorogenic acid.

Flavoring Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are flavored by applying a type of “syrup”. Most of the flavoring used on coffee beans has a very low flash point. If coffee beans were flavored before roasting, the flavoring would be ignited by the high temperatures in the coffee roaster. As a result, coffee roasters flavor the coffee bean after they are roasted.

This gives the roaster the opportunity to produce the type of coffee that will go well with the selected flavoring. I know at Mavericks, we have certain coffees that have notes that would compliment certain flavored chocolate coffees and other coffees that we roast that go well with nutty and cinnamon flavors.

Producing Low Acid Flavored Coffee

To make a low acid flavored coffee you must start out with a coffee that has been roasted and developed to be a low acid coffee. Since no additional roasting of the coffee can occur after it is flavored, the acidity level of the  coffee will already be set before the flavor is applied. 

At Mavericks, we slow roast all of our organic coffee beans. Each of our flavored coffees are slowed roasted to provide a more natural, balanced flavor, and make the coffee significantly lower in acid.


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