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Decaf Salted Caramel Fudge

Here is a brand new decaf coffee at Mavericks, - Decaf Salted Caramel Fudge blend. This unique blend of salted caramel fudge flavoring is handcrafted, creating a delicious balance of sweet, salty, and creamy notes. This blend offers a pleasing tasting experience with the taste of fudge, the distinctiveness of salted caramel, and the subtle smooth and rich taste of our slow roasted coffees.

Low Acid: Yes. Up to 70% lower acid than national brands.

Decaf: Yes, water processed decaffeinated. Residual caffeine is 0.04

Slow Roasted: Enjoy the rich and smooth flavor of Mavericks' signature low acid coffees.  Enjoy the great taste without the acidity and bitterness of other coffees.

See our certifications and analytical page for verification. 

Description: Mavericks’ French Vanilla Flavored decaf coffee provides you with a smooth, rich taste of sweet Madagascar vanilla. We start with one of Mavericks most popular single origin coffees and blend it with the sweet vanilla, not to overshadow but compliant the coffee. It is a great taste together.   

Cupping Notes: Rich fudge notes with a classic salted Carmel finish. 


  • Country: Central America
  • Grade 1: SHB (Strictly Hard Bean, strictly high grown)
  • Processing: Wet Process (Washed)
  • Appearance: 15-17