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Mountain Water Decaf Colombia

Low Acid:  Yes. Up to 75% lower acid than national brands.
Organic coffee beans.
 100% Chemical Free - Water Processed
Residual Caffeine:  .004%

See our organic ingredients and analytical page for verification.

Mavericks smoothest decaf coffee. A popular decaf smooth roast. Great morning cup of coffee. Excellent choice for smooth coffee drinkers.

Cupping Notes:
Smooth flavor. A mild and balanced body.

Decaf Processing: All Mavericks decaf coffees are 100% chemical free. Mavericks’ decaf coffees are decaffeinated through a 100% Mountain Water Process (MWP). Mavericks believes that MWP is the only effective means to properly decaffeinate coffee beans and retain their original flavor and aroma. The Natural Water Process removes 99.96% of the caffeine, while keeping that great natural coffee flavor.


  • Country: Colombia
  • Grade 1: SHB (Strictly Hard Bean)
  • Region: Huila, San Augustin
  • Mark: Excelseo
  • Processing: Wet Process (Washed)
  • Decaf: Natural Water Processed
  • Appearance: 15/16 Screen size (may vary)