Low Acid Decaf Coffee

Low Acid Decaf Coffee

Low Acid Decaf Coffee

For many people caffeine is something that they have had to minimize or reduce from their diet. Many of those coffee drinkers have also sought to drink a coffee that is low acid. However, less than .01% of coffee roasters in the United States make water processed decafs that are also low acid. When you add organic to that your criteria, the available options are even more limited.

However, Mavericks has a great solution. Every one of our our slow roasted decafs are low acid and organic. Lets take a look at the decaf process.

Water Processed Decaf

Many coffees are decaffeinated with a chemical process using methyl chloride. First, it is a bad idea to ingest methyl chloride and an even worse idea to soak your coffee in it. Second, methyl chloride taints the flavor of the decaf. Since methyl chloride makes coffee taste bad, poor grades of coffee are selected to use in the decaffeinating process. The thought process is why use expensive high quality coffee when methyl chloride will just ruin the taste. 


The two most popular types of decaffeinating coffee without the use of methyl chloride are Swiss Water and Natural Water processes. Both Swiss Water and Natural Water decaffeinating processes do not use chemicals and are more effective at reducing the levels of caffeine. Water decaffeinating is also more healthy for you since no chemicals are used.

Organic Decaf

Since the water processing of decaf does use not methyl chloride, which ruins the taste of coffee, specialty grade high-grown Arabicas can be used for decaf coffee.  Moreover,  since coffees are not decaffeinated with chemicals, organic coffee can be used. This allows roasters like Mavericks to use specialty grade high-grown Arabica coffee beans that are also 100% organic.

Low Acid Organic Decaf

At Mavericks, we only use water processed decafs. Those decafs are also 100% organic. After the organic coffees are water processed and sent to us, we slow roast them. By slow roasting, we roast our coffee for a much longer duration. The slow roast process dramatically reduces the Cholorogenic acid levels also making the coffee low acid. Slow roasting coffee also produces a coffee that is balanced, smooth and has a more natural flavor.

Mavericks decafs are low acid, organic, and taste great. Try one today, I think you will enjoy drinking them.


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