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Slow Roasting

Slow Roasting

Sep 29, 2021


Ryan Beckley

What is Slow Roasting Coffee?

Three basic elements are incorporate in roasting any coffee. Those three elements are time, temperature, and airflow. Those elements make up a roast profile that coffee roasters use to apply heat and airflow to coffee beans over the duration of any given roast.

Mavericks Coffee Low Acid Organic

Most roasters incorporate very high levels of heat for roast durations of 10 - 14 minutes. While this increases hourly roast production, it can and does affect the taste in the cup.

Mavericks slow roasted coffee is roasted at lower temperatures for a much longer duration. The statement “Good things come to those who wait” applies to roasting coffee as well.

The slow roasting process allows the coffee to more thoroughly develop during the roast.

Each individual coffee bean has about 700 flavor compounds and sugars that must be properly developed. Mavericks slow roasting process allows for highlighting and suppression of various flavor compounds and optimization of caramelizing of sugars during the critical stages of roast develop.

The result is that Mavericks coffees have a more balanced, sweet, and smoother finish. Slow roasting also reduces the acidity levels inherent in coffee, which is an added bonus to anyone sensitive to acidity. Last, but not least, Mavericks coffees are organic.

- Mavericks

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