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Roasting Consistency

Roasting Consistency

Oct 31, 2021


Ryan Beckley

Roasting Consistency 

Producing great coffee with a single batch roast is one thing, but reproducing a great batch of coffee over and over again in another.  At the heart of coffee roasting is the science behind the roast.  Part of the scientific method is repeatability. The hypothesis is made, the parameters for an experiment are set, the experiment is conducted, and observations are made and conclusions drawn. The experiment can be conducted over and over again and, “all things being equal”, the result should be the same.

With coffee, the “all things being equal”, is not a given when roasting from batch to batch.  There are many variables within a roast, some of these variables are easier than others to control. The issue for the coffee roaster is that any one of these variables can affect the roast and ultimately, the taste in the cup.

For example, a small difference in the weight of a batch of coffee, which may be within a scales margin of error, might only have a negligible effect on the roast, but a slight variance in the gas burner, or the exhaust fan, can yield a completely different coffee.  Latent heat from the previous roast is one of many other variables that impact roasting coffee from batch to batch.

As a craft coffee roaster, Mavericks  has endeavored to strike the balance between the artisan style, which involves the roasters reliance of his own sensory observations during the roast and the use of technology to control as much as possible the variables that are beyond the roasters human ability to detect, control, or repeat.

At Mavericks, during any given roast between 84 and 104 individual measurements are made and analyzed by the roaster in conjunction with the roasters sensory observations using his sight, hearing, and smell. The predetermined coffees profiles are executed by a primary logic control unit, which meticulously implements the roasters specific decisions for the roast. This allows the variables to be controlled and frees the roaster to concentrate his efforts on his sensory observations.

The end result of combining the old world artisan style of roast with the accuracy and level of control afforded by technology, is that a great cup of coffee can be produced back to back to back, and over and over again.  

Mavericks coffees are all slowed roasted, organic and low acid.


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