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Low Acid [Decaf] Coffee

Low Acid [Decaf] Coffee

Oct 31, 2021


Ryan Beckley

Low Acid Decaf

Are you on the search for a decaf coffee? Looking for a decaf that not only tastes good but is easy on your stomach. Slow roasted decafs are a great place to look.

Typically, the two main culprits for people struggling with sensitivities to coffee are:

1. Chlorogenic Acid
2. Caffeine

Chlorogenic Acid

 Chlorogenic acid is an naturally occurring organic compound that is found in coffee beans. It exists in several different chemical configurations within the coffee bean and each can have a very negative effective on your physiology if you are sensitive to it.  

Decaf Coffees

 Decaf coffees are decaffeinated prior to roasting. For years, methyl chloride was the industry standard for decaffeination. However, several issues were created by the use of methyl chloride in the decaffeinating process; 1) who wants to drink a coffee marinated in chemicals and 2) because you could taste the chemical process in the cup, producers started using cheap coffee since the flavor of good coffee would wasted and 3) methyl chloride was not able to remove the caffeine as well as today's water processing methods.

Since rise of specialty grade coffees, a demand for better decaf, has produce two water based processing methods for decaffeinating arabica coffee beans.

1. Swiss Water
2. Mountain Water (natural water)

I will save the particulars of each process and method for another time, but suffice it to say, both the Swiss Water Method and the Mountain Water method or exclusively water based and do not use any chemicals.

But that is not all. Both water decaffeination methods are much more effective at removing caffeine. The most recent information I have seen stated that water process decaffeination was able to remove approximately 99% of the caffeine from the coffee bean. That is good news for people with a sensitivity to caffeine.

At Mavericks, we have used both Swiss and Mountain Water over the years, and as we have expanded our line of decaf coffees, we now carry both Swiss and Mountain water decafs.

Since we slow roast our water decaf coffees, not only is their nearly 100% of the caffeine removed, but the chlorogenic acid is greatly reduced as well from between 70% to 90% over National brands. We have our coffees lab tested by an independent third party nationally recognized lab for pH levels. We believe in transparency and have posted those results here.

If you are looking for a low acid coffee any or our coffees should work well. If you have an additional sensitivity to caffeine, try our line of decaf. All of our coffees are slow roasted, which greatly reduces the acid, but slow roasting also makes the coffee enjoyable to drink, even the decaf!


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