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Low Acid Coffee [Beware]

Low Acid Coffee [Beware]

Oct 31, 2021


Ryan Beckley

Low Acid Coffee [Beware] 

Here are four things to beware of when searching for low acid coffee.

1. Webpages pushing the "best low acid coffee" with affiliates links to Amazon.
2. Unverifiied pH scores
3. Unverified customer reviews

4. Vague processes for making coffee low acid.

 Beware of Webpages that promote and "round up" all the best low acids coffee with affiliate links to Amazon. While the idea sounds great, these affiliate link "roundups" have little to do with the best low acid coffees, and more to do with driving traffic to Amazon in return for financial remuneration.  Given that the vast majority of low acid coffees are not even sold an Amazon, it unlikely that the best low acid coffees are even on the list. 

 Beware of unverified claims that a coffee is low in acid. If a company is claiming to produce a low acid coffee, how can that be verified? I would look for 3rd party lab analytical reports to verify the coffee pH levels. As they say, "trust but verify". 

 Beware of unverified customer reviews. Anyone can claim to have received great reviews about their product from happy customers, but do you know whether those reviews are real reviews. Look for verified customer reviews. Verified reviews are managed by a 3rd to keep the reviews independent of influence or editing from the merchant.

 Beware of companies that produce low acid coffee through a "secret process", or that they buy "special beans". Try too understand their low acid processing of the coffee beans. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

As a consumer, do your due diligence. Evaluate the claims and make sure what your getting is what you are paying for. 

If you need more information about low acid coffee brands, we evaluated all the brands that I could find on the internet and sent them for independent lab analysis. The analysis and pH scoring is available in our Ultimate Guide to Low Acid Coffee Brands.


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