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Low Acid 2 Pack

Enjoy Mavericks two most popular low acid and organic coffees; the Midnight Ride and Mavericks House. Both are great tasting and very low in acid. In you have never tried Mavericks slow roasted coffees this is great choice.

Midnight RideBlend (Medium Roast)

Low Acid: Yes. Up to 90% lower acid than national brands.
Yes. Organic from point of origin.
See and organic and analytical page for verification. 

This is Mavericks best selling, most requested, and most famous coffee. The Midnight Ride is an ideally balanced signature blend containing a rich full flavor with a very smooth and pleasant finish. It is an absolute delight, enjoyed by our customers throughout the United States. If you try one coffee from Mavericks this is the one. Remember Mavericks coffees are slow roasted and low in acid.

 Also available in our Bold 3 Pack and Classic 3 Pack!

Cupping Notes: A focused bold flavor. Very smooth on the palate with a full yet soft finish. A clean pleasant and sweet aroma.


  • Country: Central and South America
  • Grade 1: SHG & SHB (Strictly High Grown, Strictly Hard Bean)
  • Region: Blended Varietals
  • Mark: Signature Blend
  • Processing: Wet Process (Washed)
  • Appearance: 15-17 Screen

Mavericks House Blend (Medium Roast)

Low Acid: Yes. Up to 80% lower than national brands.
Yes. from point of origin.

See our certifications and analytical page for verification.

Description: A well balanced blend of central and south Americas' premier high-grown Arabica coffees. With just a hint of the classic south American earthiness, Mavericks House Coffee balanced body and smooth slow roasted flavor is a classic cup of coffee. Each and every Mavericks coffee is slow roasted and low acid.

Also, available in our Classic 3 Pack!

Cupping Notes: Smooth with a full and rich undertone just a hint of earthiness. Medium bodied. Aromatic. 


  • Country: Multiple
  • Grade 1: SHB (Strictly Hard Bean)
  • Processing: Wet Process (Washed)
  • Appearance: 17-18 Screen size