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Shipping & Returns

We are a small craft coffee roaster, and while we try to ship out coffee right away, sometimes around holidays and other busy times orders can be delayed. Important! Orders that are delayed will still be fresh. 

This Is what To Expect:

  • Your coffee will be very low in acid.

  • Your coffee will be organic.

  • We will have cupped your batch of coffee between 1 and 6 times for quality.

  • When released for quality, your coffee will be shipped shortly after being roasted and cupped. 

Things To Keep In Mind.

Since we slow roast, it means coffee takes 2 to 3 times longer to roast.  While this produces great low acid coffee, it limits how much coffee we can roast and quality test. This has never really been a problem, but we are just throwing it out there.  

Here Is How We Do It. 

We roast coffee everyday. Some coffees are roasted multiple times each day. Other coffees are roasted several times a week. We strive for freshness.

  • The most popular coffees typically can ship out faster. Coffees that are less popular and might not be on the roast calendar for that day, which can add time.

  • Some coffees are actually hand crafted. All of our flavored coffees are hand flavored. That can add time.

  • Decafs, which are some of our best coffees, but are not as popular as regular, may have a delay waiting for the roast calendar.

  • Grinding can also have an effect (we love grinding them for you), but it can add time, particularly flavored coffees because they have to set up before we can grind them.

Please be patient with us as we grow. Yes, sometimes we wish we could get it out faster, but we will get it to you as soon as we can.

How We ship

We ship using USPS Priority Mail and Fed Ex 2 Day. Once shipped, the coffee will arrive to most places in the U.S. in two days and three days to the other places. However, as the USPS always reminds us, that time-frame is not guaranteed.  

Shipping Costs $5.99 For Any Order?

Yes, shipping is  $5.99. That is what we charge you. It costs us more. For orders of 1 lb and 2 lbs shipping costs us $8.75. For orders of 3 lbs or more our we pay between about $8.75 to $12. 

We do not want shipping to stand between us and you. We think we have a product that can really meet people's needs. We just ask to please be patient with us as we grow. 


If you do not like your coffee or we messed up in some way. We will happily replace your coffee. However, if that does not work for you, give us a call and we can discuss a refund.

If you have any issues with your coffee, errors in your order, or other questions or concerns regarding your coffee, please do not hesitate to contact at or chat with us (the fastest option)