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French Toast Flavored Coffee

Low Acid: Yes. Up to 70% lower acid than national brands.

Slow Roasted: Enjoy the rich and smooth flavor of Mavericks' signature low acid coffees.  Enjoy the great taste without the acidity and bitterness of other coffees.

See our certifications and analytical page for verification. 

Description: Mavericks’ French Toast Flavored coffee provides you with a smooth and savory blend of a sweet, buttery toast aroma and hints of maple syrup, vanilla bean, and cinnamon.  

Cupping Notes: Notes of buttery french toast and syrup, with a coffee undertone.


  • Country: Multiple, central America
  • Grade 1: SHB (Strictly Hard Bean, strictly high grown)
  • Processing: Wet Process (Washed)
  • Appearance: 15-17