J.B., as his friends called him, was a man of a bygone era. Establishing his reputation as a rancher and cattlemen.  J.B. made his mark in Mercantile and by establishing the area's first coffee roasting outfit. 

Located in the town of Midnight River, J.B. Mavericks mercantile later became known as “Mavericks”. J.B.’s “honest cup” approach enjoyed a broad appeal among many who fashion the concept of coffee that tastes like coffee.  

J.B. was a man of few words, but people would bend an ear to hear him. Many travelers visited Mavericks to see the establishment and taste the coffee that “doesn't hurt your stomach”. 

J.B. 's approach to coffee is still practiced today at Mavericks. Each coffee is roasted in the same manner, slow roasted for a much longer duration. It is easier on your stomach, and makes a more natural tasting cup of coffee.

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