How Healthy is Your Coffee?


"This is the only coffee that my family drinks"  - Brian M.  (Husband & Father)
organic coffee
You work hard to protect your family's health!

There are 250 known chemicals used in the growing of coffee around the world. Conventional methods include the use of harmful chemicals such as insecticides, herbicides, and other pesticides in addition to synthetic and chemical fertilizers. At Mavericks, Nope. Not Here!

  • Organic: Organic certifications from the country of origin. Posted on our website. 100% Transparent!
  • Low Acid: Best pH scores in the United States. Posted on our website. Independently lab verified!

Drink with Confidence:
 100% Chemical Free
 Organic certified from point of origin
 Between 70% to 90% less acidity than national coffee brands

Few Mavericks Customers Comments:
"I love knowing where our food comes from
and Mavericks has done a great job teaching us!"
Denise A. (Wife and Mother)

"The reduced acid in this coffee has made a huge difference for me, as I am now able to drink coffee again without having to use 3/4 cup of milk to counteract the acidity. I love Mavericks!"  Jennifer B.

"I’d had to give up coffee due to acid-reflux. No more! I can drink it again with no ill effects; and not only that, it tastes better than it did before!"  Diana C.
  • Organic: All of our Organic certifications are posted from the country origin. 100% Transparent
  • Low Acid: Best pH scores in the United States. Independently lab verified

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