Organic Low Acid Coffees

Organic coffee is coffee that is produced without using chemicals in the growing process.  Most coffees produced around the world are grown using conventional methods, which includes the use of various pesticides.  Coffee grown using pesticides is commonly referred to as conventional coffee. These conventional coffees might be subject to any number of approximately 200 pesticides used globally. Pesticides usage will vary by region and also by application, such as herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and others.


Producing Organic Coffee

At Mavericks, we use only coffee that is certified from origin to be organic. To keep it simple, we do not carry any coffees at our facility that are not organic. This is the best way for us to eliminate any cross contamination, confusion, or mistakes. In the interest of transparency, we post all the organic certificates that accompany the coffee beans we receive from origin. Those certifications can be found on our certifications page by clicking here.

Why Do We Use Organic Coffee

Why do we only use organic coffees?  First, when possible we try limit or avoid conventional products in favor of organic products, when it is practical and possible. In coffee, it is both practical and possible to do so. Secondly, because we like the taste of organic coffee. For more information please read our article on organic coffee which can be found here.

Mavericks coffees are also low acid. More information about low acid coffees can be found by clicking here.