Low Acid Coffee and Organic Coffee Certifications

To provide a high level of transparency to our customers, Mavericks lists the actual organic certificates that we receive for our coffees and from our traders. The certificates document that the coffees we purchase are organic.

Organic certifications are listed below for your review.

Organic Coffee Certifications

Colombia Organic: View Certificate

Honduras Organic: View Certificate

Mexico Organic: View Certificate

Guatemala Organic: View Certificate

Peru Organic: View Certificate

Sumatra Certificate: View Certificate

Low Acid Certifications

All Mavericks Coffees are tested by at 3rd party laboratory to independently analyze and verify PH levels in the coffees. In the interest of transparency, Mavericks posts all of the independent 3rd party analytical reports for your review.

Testing is using the AOAC 970.21a method using a Metler Toledo Seven Compact PH/Ion S220 meter. The results are listed below.

Peru View Analytical Report

Sumatra View Analytical Report

Colombia View Analytical Report

Honduras View Analytical Report

Dark French View Analytical Report

Midnight Ride Blend View Analytical Report

Mavericks House Blend View Analytical Report