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Description: Mavericks Sequoia Organic is a signature blend of our choice selection of the world's best organic coffees. Known for its bold, yet smooth flavor, the Sequoia Organic is a very complex and full cup. This is a favorite among Mavericks customers. Mavericks coffees are slow roasted and low acid.

70% Lower in Acid:

All Mavericks coffee are slow roasted to significantly reduce Chlorogenic acid levels and provide a great cup of coffee without the bitterness. Our acidity levels are verified by a third party laboratory.

100% Organic

Mavericks procures all organic coffee that is certified from origin. To promote transparency, Mavericks roasts only organic coffees and posts the organic certifications from origin that follows each coffee on our website.

Cupping Notes:

Full bodied and good acidity. Smooth taste with a small bite at the end. Full aroma. Distinctive cup of coffee.


  • Country: Central, South America, Indonesia
  • Grade 1: SHG & SHB (Strictly High Grown, Strictly Hard Bean)
  • Region: Blended Varietals
  • Mark: Signature Blend
  • Processing: Wet Process (Washed)
  • Appearance: 15-17 Screen


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Sequoia Blend

Sequoia Blend

Up to 70% Lower Acid. Organic and slow roasted. A great signature coffee.

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