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Low Acid and Organic Coffees

All Mavericks decafs are Natural Water Processed decaffeinated and organic. No chemicals were used in the growing of the coffee and no chemicals were used in the process of decaffeination.

100% Chemical Free Organic Decaf

To reduce acidity in the cup, Mavericks slow roasts all of its water processed decaf coffee. Slow roasting helps to significantly reduce Cholorogenic acid.  Chorologenic acid is an organic compound inherent in coffee, which is a major culprit beyond many peoples’ sensitivity to coffee.

Since slow roasting minimizes acidity, which produces a cup with a very good score on the pH scale that is the measure of acidity, slow roasting also yields a coffee that is smoother and has a more natural flavor without the bitterness attributed to high acid coffees that contain high levels of Chlorogenic acid.

70%-90% Reduced Acid

Yes, Mavericks low acid decafs are among the least acidic coffee on the market.  Most importantly, many of our customers report that they taste just like regular coffee. It is our hope that you will try, like, and come to enjoy our decaf coffees in your daily coffee experience. Mavericks is high on transparency and posts all our organic certificates and low acid reports from an independent lab on certificates and analytics page.

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