Dark French Blend - Low Acid

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Description: A rich and bold flavor. Slow roasted, this classic coffee has all the attributes of a french roasted coffee without the acidity and bitterness. Mavericks boldest roast, next to our espresso, this is in our opinion among some of the most pleaseant and tasteful french roasts available today. Enjoy Mavericks slow roasted and low acid coffee.

 Also available in our Bold 3 Pack!

Cupping Notes: A rich bold flavor. Traditional frenc


  • Country: Central and South America
  • Grade 1: SHG & SHB (Strictly High Grown, Strictly Hard Bean)
  • Region: Blended Varietals
  • Mark: Signature Blend
  • Processing: Wet Process (Washed)
  • Appearance: 17-18 Screen


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Dark French Blend - Low Acid

Dark French Blend - Low Acid

Mavericks darkest roasted signature blend. Surprisingly smooth! You will want a second cup.70% Less Acid

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