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Super Signature Blends -  30% More Free 

 Low Acid: Yes. Between 70% to 90% lower acid then national brands.
 Organic: Yes. Organic from point of origin.

See our organic and analytical page for verification.

 Smooth Roasts - Up to 70% Less Acid
Breakfast Blend
Description: A balanced post-roast blend of south American coffees. This coffee has good richness with a  mellowing smooth flavor. The richness just slips off you palate leaving a mild smooth pleasing taste. This a very nice to coffee drink with subtle undertones.

Cupping Notes: Rich and balanced with a underlying sweetness. Aromatics are subtle with mild nutty aroma

 Medium Roasts - Up to 80% Less Acid
 House Blend
Description: A well balanced blend of central and south American's high-grown Arabica with just a hint of the classic south America earthiness. Mavericks House coffee features a balanced body and smooth slow roasted flavor. 

Cupping Notes: Smooth with a full and rich undertone just a hint of earthiness. Medium bodied. Aromatic. 

 Sequoia Blend
Description: Known for its bold, yet smooth flavor, the Sequoia Organic is a very complex and full cup. This is a favorite among Mavericks customers. 

Cupping Notes: Full bodied and good acidity. Smooth taste with a small bite at the end. Full aroma. Distinctive cup of coffee.

 Bold Roasts - Up to 90% Less Acid

 Midnight Ride Blend
Description: This is Mavericks best selling, most requested, and most famous coffee. The Midnight Ride is an ideally balanced signature blend containing a rich full flavor with a very smooth and pleasant finish. It is an absolute delight, enjoyed by our customers throughout the United States. If you try one coffee from Mavericks this is the one. 

Cupping Notes: A focused bold flavor. Very smooth on the palate with a full yet soft finish. A clean pleasant and sweet aroma.

 Dark French Blend

Description: A rich and bold flavor. Slow roasted, this classic coffee has all the attributes of a french roasted coffee without the acidity and bitterness. Mavericks boldest roast, next to our espresso, this is in our opinion among some of the most pleasant and tasteful french roasts available today. 

Cupping Notes: 
Bold & rich and "edgey" with a hint of smokiness.  Smooth on the palate. A highly drinkable cup. 

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  • Country: Central and South America
  • Grade 1: SHG & SHB (Strictly High Grown, Strictly Hard Bean)
  • Region: Blended Varietals
  • Mark: Signature Blend
  • Processing: Wet Process (Washed)
  • Appearance: 15-17 Screen


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Super Signature Blends - 30% More Free

Super Signature Blends - 30% More Free

Mavericks classic best selling signature blends are now super sized. Get 30% more Free.
Low Acid: Yes. Up to 90% lower acid then national brands.
Yes. Organic from point of origin.
See and organic and analytical page for verification.

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