Sweet Tooth 3 Pack

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  Sweet Tooth 3 Pack (Smooth Roast)

Low Acid: Yes, up to 70% Less Acid.

See our organic and analytical page for certifications.

 Hand flavored after roasting using one of our smooth roasts, these flavored coffee are among our most popular flavors. 

Churro: If you have never dipped a Churro in a cup of coffee, we recommend it. Mavericks Churro flavored coffee is the next bag thing. A nice smooth coffee with a sweet subtle Churro flavor without all that sugar.

Maple Bacon:  Mavericks signature slow roasted taste with a subtle bacon and sweet maple flavor. Simply put, it tastes like breakfast in your cup

Mudslide: A rich chocolate liquor flavor over a smooth bodied slow roasted coffee. Nice sweet chocolate flavor.


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Sweet Tooth 3 Pack

Sweet Tooth 3 Pack

Sweet Tooth Three Pack

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