Low Acid Coffee

Coffee is an inherently acidic beverage containing high levels of Chlorogenic acid, which can affect people that have a sensitivity to acidity. Mavericks coffees are slow roasted. Slowing roasting is the process of roasting coffee for a longer duration that reduces the levels of Chloroogenic acid, which yields a cup that is lower in acid.

Slow roasting also has a very positive impact on flavor, because Chlorogenic acid is also associated with bitterness. Mavericks coffees do not have the bitterness that most people have to expect when drinking regular coffee. How much lower in acid is Mavericks Coffee? Compared to national coffee brands, Mavericks coffees have 70%-90% less acid that national coffee brands because they are slow roasted.

  70%-90% Less Acidic Coffee

Mavericks coffees are also 100% organic from origin. No chemicals are used in growing of our coffee. Additionally, Mavericks uses no additives or special process to treat the beans in order to make them low acid.

Organic Coffee -100% Chemical Free

Mavericks values transparency. All of our organic certifications and independent lab analysis for low acid can be found on our certifications page. We hope you will enjoy our crafted organic and single origin, signature blends, water processed decaffeinated, and great flavored coffees, they are all low in acid.

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  • Signature Organics

    Low Acid and Organic Coffees

    70%-85% reduced acid

    Mavericks Coffee has crafted a family of artisan slow roasted signature blends hat are organic, low acid, and taste great. Slow roasting reduces between 70% to 85% of Chlorogenic acid making Mavericks among the lowest acid coffee on the market.

  • Regional Organics

    Low Aid and Organic Coffees

    70%-85% reduced acid

    Mavericks regional organic coffees are from central and south American, Africa, Indonesia, and some of the world best quality coffee growing regions. All Mavericks regional coffees are organic and low acid. Slow roasting reduces between 70% to 85% of Chlorogenic acid making Mavericks among the lowest acid coffee on the market.

  • Decaf Organics

    Low Acid and Organic Coffees

    All Mavericks decafs are Natural Water Processed decaffeinated and organic. No chemicals were used in the growing of the coffee and no chemicals were used in the process of decaffeination.

    100% Chemical Free Organic Decaf

    To reduce acidity in the cup, Mavericks slow roasts all of its water processed decaf coffee. Slow roasting helps to significantly reduce Cholorogenic acid.  Chorologenic acid is an organic compound inherent in coffee, which is a major culprit beyond many peoples’ sensitivity to coffee.

    Since slow roasting minimizes acidity, which produces a cup with a very good score on the pH scale that is the measure of acidity, slow roasting also yields a coffee that is smoother and has a more natural flavor without the bitterness attributed to high acid coffees that contain high levels of Chlorogenic acid.

    70%-90% Reduced Acid

    Yes, Mavericks low acid decafs are among the least acidic coffee on the market.  Most importantly, many of our customers report that they taste just like regular coffee. It is our hope that you will try, like, and come to enjoy our decaf coffees in your daily coffee experience. Mavericks is high on transparency and posts all our organic certificates and low acid reports from an independent lab on certificates and analytics page.

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  • Flavored

    Low Acid Flavored Coffees

    Mavericks flavored coffees are slow roasted.  Because they are slow roasted, are they  also very low acid in acid. Mavericks has a wide range of great flavored coffees from traditional favorites such as French Vanilla and Hazelnut to our signature flavors such as Churro and Dark Chocolate Salted Carmel to name a few. We also spice it up with great seasonal flavors such as Sugar N Spice and Cinnamon Nut Cream.

    Each of our flavored coffees are made to order and ship out fast.  If you like seasonal coffees, since the they are handcrafted, we can make them available all year. If you loved flavored coffee, give Mavericks handcrafted flavored coffees a try. We think that you will love them.

    Looking for a Decaf flavored coffee? Mavericks flavored coffees are also available in decaf.

  • Decaf Flavored
    Decaf Flavored
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